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       Rabbinical Advisors
  Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch
  Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz
  Rabbi Yisroel Gluestein
       Professional Advisors
  Rabbi Ronald Greenwald - Zatzal
       Committee Members
  Esther Fettman
  Neil Gonter, MD
  Moshe Hertz
  Eli Karp, ESQ. (Toronto)
  Pinchos Lipschutz
  Henoch Messner
  Naftali Perlowitz
  Debbie Selengut
  Simcha Herzog, ESQ
  Goldie Perlowitz

Auxiliary staff includes licensed consulting social workers,
psychologists, and counselors.

is founder and director of Aishel. Naftali received s’micha (rabbinical ordination) from Yeshivas Ohr Someach and is a graduate of its prestigious Ohr LaGolah Leadership Training Program. He likewise holds a degree in education and is a successful kiruv (outreach) professional who runs Aishel on a volunteer basis while simultaneously running a finance company.
B.S. B.A. and her husband Shlomo are the house parents and program directors. Reena is a licensed addictions counselor with ten years experience with girls in distress. She founded three successful youth crisis prevention centers.

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